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Skating Award Medals

Our Custom Skating Medals are Made in the USA and some allow up to 5 lines of custom text engraving.

USA Made Medal leads the industry in sport medal sales, because we only deal in quality for the best price. Whether you are looking for a figure skating medal, a champion medal, or another figure skating award, we have the best medals for champions. See more...

Our metals are made of high quality brass, nickel-silver, copper, and bronze, when you hold them you can feel the weight of the medal and the smooth texture of a quality sport medal.

Figure skating is a highly competitive sport that requires much more physical endurance than most people realize. Champions in the sport deserve recognition for their efforts along the way. We can help you make sure all of your winners receive a special medal for the countless hours of work, hard falls, and graceful landings.

Order Customized Medals For The Team and One Champion Medal

We can customize your medals with dates, team names, colors, and ribbon size and color. Your medal will be unique to your group. We have quality designs that you can add your own personal touch to so your sports group does not receive a generic award. We know that our medals will be treasured for years to come, and we only use quality metals and jewelers polish so we can be 100% confident that our product retains the original shine and beauty for years to come.

Do not Overlook Casing and Presentation

We offer a beautiful black velvet clamshell casing with white satin lining to present the medal formally in, and store it safely. We also offer very nice velour drawstring pouches in black, blue, and grey to safely store our quality medals. If you do not want to hide your medal away then consider taking advantage of the option of making our medals into a key ring that can be used daily to remind the winner of their hard earned achievement. We offer this upgrade because we are so confident in the quality of our medals, we know they will stay beautiful even with daily use.

USA Medals Has Been Producing Figure Skating Awards for Over 20 Years

USA Made Medals is the retail division of Mint Masters Inc. We lead the industry in quality and quantity medal production for military, sports teams, schools and many other venues. Contact us today to find out why we have been the best in the industry since 1987.

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Figure Skate Award Medal

Figure Skating Award Medal

Inline Skates Award Medal

Speed Skating Award Medal

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