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About Mint Masters

Since 1987, we have been a family owned and operated business who manufacturers unique coins and medals to our customers' specifications - even for small orders. We specialize in providing superior products through our vast inventory of stock coins, medals and pins as well as through our custom work and in-house die engraving and manufacturing capabilities.

We are one of the highest rated manufacturers of die struck medals, medallions, coins, key tags and lapel pins in the United States. A family owned and operated business spanning two generations, we set the standard for quality and excellence in the industry.

Most of our manufacturing is done in-house, here in the U.S., at our location just outside Chicago. Each process, from the cutting of dies to the finishing of each piece, is completed by hand. This allows us complete control at each step to ensure the legendary quality of our U.S. made products. When the situation arises, we also can import products from overseas.

All of our U.S. made pieces are die struck, which is a much higher quality process than casting. Die striking allows for much greater detail and a smoother surface area than any cast piece. First, a die is cut using your artwork. Our die cutters carve into softened steel dies to reproduce your image, the dies are then heat-treated which hardens them to ensure they will withstand up to 1500 tons of pressure which is applied to the solid brass, nickel-silver or copper blanks in the coining or striking process . The piece is coined by hand-loading a metal blank in between the two dies, cycling the press so the dies squeeze or strike the blank transferring the image to the blank. We then trim the piece of the excess area of the blank that was pushed out when pressure was applied. Finally, each piece is carefully finished in a multi-step process, which is all done by hand. Each step is handled with care by our expert team.

At Mint Masters, we take a great deal of pride in producing only the finest in quality. Our company-wide focus is aimed at the individual excellence of each and every piece that leaves our factory. When quality makes a difference, choose Mint Masters!

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