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Wrestling Award Medals

Our Custom Wrestling Medals are Made in the USA and some allow up to 5 lines of custom text engraving.

Medal inserts allow you to personalize your award and increase name recognition. Award inserts can be personalized by genre, color, shape, size, and finish. Check out our variety of inserts as a starting point for your team awards this season. See more..


Wrestling medal inserts allow each team-mate to receive an award specific to his/her skills and weight class that season. The ability to easily personalize the medals shows appreciation for the unique skills that that particular wrestler brings to the team. Hanging a medallion on their wall that is specific to their talent is a greater incentive for a good year in the future.

Track and Field

No matter the position, from relay racing to hurdles at any level your track and field medallions can be personalized to fit a specific runner to all their achievements are recognized. A generic track medal will not bring as much pride as a medal specific to the recipients achievements for that year.


If a student goes beyond and participates in extra curricular activities their individual efforts for the school can be recognized with inserts for Student Council, Honor Student, 4H, and Excellence. Do not give your hard working students generic medals, customize to their talent.


Corporate events can be commemorated with medals for winners of events played that day, and with medals for outstanding workmanship through the year. A corporate medal can also have your branding on the insert, to further brand awareness and instill pride in the employees.

No matter the activity, from summer camp competitions to family reunions, to school and sport banquets, and corporate events beautiful award inserts allow for personalization in many activities. When a winner receives an award that is specific to their skills, they will know that special care went into the event and take more pride in their achievement. Our medal inserts can be made into lapel pins for a nominal fee if you would like.

Contact USA Made Medals today for all of your quality award needs. We have been making quality medals for over two decades and we set the standard in awards. Our custom medal inserts are made in the USA with quality metals and jewelers grade polish that will last a long time. The recipient of our medals will feel pride when they hold one in their hand because they know it is not just another generic piece, the quality is apparent. Call today at 888-955-2552.

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Wrestling Award Medal

Wrestling Award Medal

Wrestling Award Medal

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