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Basketball Award Medals

Our Custom Basketball Medals are Made in the USA and some allow up to 5 lines of custom text engraving.

The benefits and rewards of playing basketball include physical fitness, team families, and pride in a game well played. At the end of basketball season comes the time for the players to reap the tangible basketball awards, or at least the ones they can physically hold in their hands. Sporting medals and reward ceremonies are important at the end of the season to honor players for their hard work, and to commemorate moments in the game that were outstanding. Throughout the season playing as team is key, at the end is when players can be singled out for their individual skills and game winning traits. See more...

Basketball Medals Made of Quality Metal Only

Your basketball medals are made with quality metals only. Choose between brass, nickel-silver, copper, and bronze that are hand lacquered with a jewelers grade lacquer to make sure every hard earned medal will last a very long time.

There are seven design options for basketball medals in addition to the first through third and a champion medal. The more you purchase the lower the cost, however the initial cost is likely much lower than you may expect.

Personalize Basketball Awards

The medals can have up to five lines of text engraved, with options for team color enamel filling and the finish of your choice. Ideal engravings include team name and year played. Ribbon size and color options are fully customizable as well. Check out the neck drapes in patriotic or team colors for more award options at your next end of season ceremony.

Do Not Forget the Coach and Exceptional Team Supporters

Medals are available for a coach who went above and beyond this season as well. Personalization options include a coach emblem, the team mascot, or letters suitable for colored enamel filling. Team supporters and dedicated coached deserve occasional recognition for the hard work they put forth for the team as well.

Presentation and Packaging Options

There are many packaging options for the medals, depending on how formal the ceremony. Choose between a black velvet clamshell box with white satin lining for the most formal presentation, or clear Lucite boxes, or black velour drawstring bags for an attractive, yet less formal presentation.

USA Medals Have Been Producing Quality Awards Since 1987

USA Made Medals is the retail division of Mint Masters Inc. The company leads the industry in quality and quantity medal production for military, sports teams, schools and many other venues. USA Made Medals cannot be surpassed when only the best will do. Contact us today to discuss your order.

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Basketball Award Medal

Basketball Medal (Female)

Basketball Medal (Female)

Basketball Medal (Female)

Basketball Medal (Male)

Basketball Medal (Male)

Basketball Medal (Male)

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