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Corporate Award Medals

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Recognize your top performers with Corporate Award Medals that are Made in the USA.

Sometimes in large corporations is can be difficult to reach every employee to show that their hard work is noticed. Corporate events allow employees to bond, and award banquets are a great way to recognize effort that goes well beyond employee expectations. Whether you are planning a corporate event or would like to give certain employees mementos to show they are noticed USA Made Medals has the perfect Award to give to worthy employees. See more..

Mark Milestones and Company Loyalty

We have the perfect anniversary medal to honor employees who stick around and stay loyal to the company. From first year anniversary, to five, ten and as high as you need. Your employees deserve a lapel pin or medal to show they have earned their place.

Reward Special Achievements

If you have an employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help the business run smoothly, sometimes a thank you and a raise just is not enough. An achievement medal is a great way to show that hard work is rewarded. Achievement goals in sales is a great way to push employees to work hard and compete in a friendly environment to see who will get the medal this season. Customize the perfect achievement medal for your business and encourage your employees to work harder.

Make Events Memorable With Friendly Competitions

At company picnics and events encourage game play and friendly competitions by planning events and corresponding awards. The employees can discuss who won the corporate award all year. This will encourage bonding and team spirit among the group. A company that plays together competitively is likely to have that competitive attitude benefit the cooperation.

No Good Deed Should Go Unnoticed

Award hard work, or individual achievements that are often overlooked with a service medal. Many of our medals are customizable and can be engraved up to five lines. From rewards for excellence, attitude, safety records, or an office medal to gift to a group no good deed will be overlooked. A good manager knows that every small part is required to run smoothly in order for the whole to be successful. Make sure no small achievement on the part of your loyal employees goes unnoticed so the great work will continue as a habit. Pride in a job makes the whole business look better.

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Above And Beyond Award Medal

Achievement Award Medal

Anniversary Key Tag

Anniversary Medal

Anniversary Medal

Attitude is Everything Award Medal

1 Year of Service Pin

10 Years of Service Pin

2 Years of Service Pin

5 Years of Service Pin

Attitude Star Key Tag

Attitude Star Medallion

Attitude Star Ribbon

Engraveable Years of Service Pin

Excellence Award Medal

Excellence Award Medal

Excellence Coin

Excellence Key Tag

Excellence Medal

Excellence Star Key Tag

Excellence Star Medallion

Excellence Star Pin

Excellence Star Ribbon

Handshake Award Medal

Leadership Star Key Tag

Leadership Star Medallion

Leadership Star Pin

Leadership Star Ribbon

Making A Difference

Quality Coin

Quality Key Tag

Quality Medal

Safety Coin

Safety Key Tag

Safety Medal

Safety Star Key Tag

Safety Star Medallion

Safety Star Pin

Safety Star Ribbon

Sales Star Key Tag

Sales Star Medallion

Sales Star Pin

Sales Star Ribbon

Service Coin

Service Key Tag

Service Medal

Service Star Key Tag

Service Star Medallion

Service Star Pin

Service Star Ribbon


Teamwork Coin

Teamwork Key Tag

Teamwork Medal

Teamwork Star Key Tag

Teamwork Star Medallion

Teamwork Star Pin

Teamwork Star Ribbon

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